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Reading Meme

You can tell a lot about a person by the books that they have read. For those with the ability to remember (or those that have kept a list), this meme is for bibliophiles who remember the last 30 or so books they have read and maybe a few words of what they thought.  

1. Firestarter- Stephen King (I liked this one well enough)
2. Christine- Stephen King (Much better than the movie, it was an actual ghost story, not just a story about a killer car)
3. The Child Thief- Brom (So good, it was hard to put down. A problem when I was in the middle of finals. A creepy re-telling of Peter Pan)
4. Thinner- Stephen King/Richard Bachman (Alright- but I could see how readers knew that Stephen King and Richard Bachman were the same person. He references Firestarter)
5. The Tommyknockers- Stephen King (I was on a Stephen King kick or something ;) This one I thought could have been much shorter and lots could have been edited out)
6. Needful Things- Stephen King (Great book, but I thought the ending was kind of a let down)
7. The Pilo Family Circus- Will Elliot (Hell as a circus, what more could you want? This was a great book!)
8. The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde (Really enjoyed this one)
9. Under the Dome- Stephen King (Even though it's not about the end of the world, it still filled that special spot I hold in my heart for the apocolypse) 
10. The Ballad of Reading Gaol- Oscar Wilde (This one made me sad)
11. In Cold Blood- Truman Capote (Hard to tell that it was actually non-fiction)
12. The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels- Richard Bachman/Stephen King (I loved three out of four- Roadwork took me forever, I just couldn't get through it) 
13. Criminal Law- Joel Samaha (For a lawbook it was good)
14. Zombie- Joyce Carol Oates (Based on the Jefferey Dahmer case, good read, but disturbing)
15. A Doll's House- Henry Ibsen (Based on Victorean sensibilities, but still holds true in the reaction today)
16. Everyman- Morality Play (Would have preferred to see it, than read it)
17. Grave's End- Elaine Mercado (A haunting told from the perspective of a nurse)
18. The Zen of Zombie- Scott Kenemore (funny)
19. The Physik Book of Deliverance Dane- Katherine Howe (Good first book)
20. Every Dead Thing- John Connolly (Good murder story)
21. Ladyhawke- Joan D. Vinge (Liked the book better than the movie)
22. Restoration- Rose Tremain (I liked that the hero was not heroic in any sense)
23. Pet Semetary- Stephen King (Much better the second time through)
24. Sherlock Holmes the major stories and essays (Love Sherlock Holmes, but still get the feeling that, if you've read one, you've read them all)
25. Johnny Got His Gun- Dalton Trumbo (hard for me to finish. WW1 soldier who is in an explosion ends up having his arms, legs and face removed. Blind and deaf. The doctors keep him alive as a medical oddity but think he is brain damaged when he is not)
26. VooDoo Dreams- Jewell Parker Rhodes (this book was very sad) 
27. East End Murders- Neil R. Storey (Looks at several murders in Victorean England)
28. The Amityville Horror- Jay Anson (not true, but entertaining) 
29. Criminology: theories, patterns and typologies- Siegel (A very biased textbook in my opinion)
30.  The Sacred Book of the Werewolf- Victor Pelevin (A very unique look at werecreatures and cultures)

Currently Reading. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell- Susanna Clarke (This is the second time I've tried reading it, and it doesn't even seem like I'm reading the same book)

I knew my Shelfari account was good for something!

Tomorrow I go pick my stuff up for gradumation, or is it today? It's 1:12 AM




Book: Christine
Author: Stephen King
I just finished reading Christine by Stephen King- you know, the one where it's about the killer car? Yeah. Right.

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The Child Thief

The Child Thief by Brom
So- I am only to chapter 5 of this book and already I am in love with it. What all the hoopla is about: This is a re-telling of Peter Pan but from the perspective of Peter being a more.... ambivilent character? He loves the children he takes, but he is actually using them for soldiers in a war to save Neverland (which isn't such a nice place... the pirates are cannibals and there's all sorts of stalky and bitey beasties roaming the woods). Neverland, or Avalon as it's called in this book, is full of fae and other monsters from legend (lots of Celtic influence).  
Anyway, Peter goes into the real world to take the abused and neglected children of the world so if reading about that sort of stuff bothers you, I don't think this is for you.
I think what really intrigues me is that Brom was inspired to write this from a few lines in the original (not the one you get in children's book stores, the unedited version) story. Peter talks about thinning out the children in the original, but never mentions exactly how this is done. In the original Peter also simply kidnapps the children he wants but then later has to thin them out? Combined with the line of Peter saying, "To die will be an awfully big adventure." Brom came up with this darker version where the children Peter takes have to fight to survive; where Peter's sociopathic tendencies are far more apparant and not covered in Barrie's prose. (Brom) 

I have to say, Brom has got to be a favorite of mine, even if I am uber jealous that he can both draw and write >.> 


Ugh, I bought Moon (2009) directed by David Bowie's son (I'm sure he hates that that's what he's known for) Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. Really, Sam Rockwell is the only actor in the movie, unless you want to count Kevin Spacey's voice as he voices the robot. Anyway, I bought the movie, actually Big Little Bro bought it for me because my dog walkers money would not have paid for the whole thing >.<, and promptly watched it because Sam Rockwell is one of my favortie actors and now I too am one of the pissed that this movie wasn't even nominated for best picture and that Sam Rockwell wasn't considered for Best Actor. They weren't even put in as contenders because the dvd hadn't come out yet and Sony didn't want to pay to put a watermark on the clips that the Oscar's would use. This just re-affirms my belief that the Oscar's are a waste of time and are really based on how much the writers/directors/actors can whore themselves out which is sad.
This movie was pretty deep, philosophy wise, and they had some very good suspense tactics that modern horror needs to figure out how to use, because that is a genre that is lacking in that departement. Even though this isn't the first movie I've seen that explored the themes of humanity, blind faith, Big Business and (even though the director denies it) religious or anti-religious (good arguments have been made for both on the imdb boards, I was impressed. Mainly because it was an actual discussion that didn't result in "you're a stupid *uck and just didn't understand the movie if you thought that" like most everything does on those boards) themes as you see them.
This movie is pretty simple, and like I said it is not the first movie to explore these themes, but it almost makes you think that it is the first movie to try because of its well done simplicity. I think this goes far into saying how talented a director Duncan Jones is going to be, this is his first movie, because he was able to pull off simple so well which is something that those who say things say is the mark of a great artist.The film is shot beautifully, acted wonderfully and is something of an experience.
I can't say much about the plot because it would spoil, and if you are against spoilers don't look up anything about this movie until you've seen it. The most I can say plotwise is that it is about an astronaut who has been alone on the moon for 3 years mining He3 to support energy usage on Earth. That's all I can say about plot though. But I can say that if you are a fan of great movies that, while maybe a little depressing, are deep, make you think, and stick with you long after you've finished watching them. Then watch this movie. Who knew one actor could keep you occupied for over an hour and a half?
I have just finished watching this movie for the second time and can say I discovered new things about it as I am sure I will when I watch it again.


Ugh, life has been uber stressful as of late and it doesn't seem to matter what I do, just more stuff gets piled on. The problem is, a lot of it is stuff that I have no real control over and my actions only do a minimal amount to help.
But on the good side, I've found a job lead, I hope at least, I don't want to jinx myself tho- so for now I'm not going to say anything about it. But it will start with a paid internship, if I get it and will hopefully progress. Another good thing is that the job will require no further schooling on my part unless I choose to later on, I probably will continue but it really isn't an option for me in the immediate future. So for now I'm just going to focus on graduating from this part and if graduate school comes along later it will. The no more school thing means I will not have to move out of state and so can stay and help my parents.
Other than that, classes have been going okay, just as frustrated as I ever am with my Psychology course and am almost done with my internship at the CJC- I've only got about 20 more hours left to do, and to write two papers for it. Next semester should be easy as pie, and then it's just May Term which I hope to find a good class for, only one tho as I hope to have a job by then.
Also, I will be 23 on Sat. I have made no plans actually, I think I'm supposed to go to Nightmare on Friday, but other than that I haven't made any plans.  



Wow, I don't know what to say about this movie. It is... trippy. Very good, claustrophobic movie. You never actually see much. It's like the reverse of the original War of the Worlds- the old radio play, not the movies- that it's the people in the radio are getting the news as it's happening O.o
The idea is very good, similar to Stephen King's Cell in a way, but different. It's something I want to see again for sure, there was a lot to take in! I don't think I want to say more, because I might give something away, but check it out, you're in for an experience certainly.


Halloweenie 20: Halloweenie's Last Stand

Happy Halloween all! More to come probably tomorrow on the further adventures Phillip has had this past Halloween ;)


So, finally, now that it is less than a week before the date, Halloween has started to pick up. We are planning on going to Nightmare on 13th on Weds after my class and then Thursday we are supposed to go to Thriller. Boo yeah!
Oh, and now the movie stations are starting to show scary movies, they waited long enough! and there was a Psych Halloween episode marathon last night which I recordededededed.
Other than that, midterms attacked with a vengance! A true vengance I tell you! and they won't be done until November 2. I also had to register for my last semester of classes today- but because I'm registering two thesiseseses I couldn't finish registering because for both of them I need "advisor approval". Not that I didn't just speak with them and turn in my graduation application a few weeks ago- and I'm already registered in one of them!!!! >.< School, you drive me crazy!
So this is what my schedule looks like for next semester: Pottery. That is all that I am currently registered for.
Note to self: On weds talk with Justice advisor about switching Justice 220 from Community Psych to Philosophy of Race. Community Psych is during your Psych thesis and you can't do two classes at once... unless you are Hermoine Granger. Which you are not.


Theme: Scary Movies

Fandom: Eerie, Indian
Character(s): Marshall, Simon
Rating: G
Theme: Scary Movies
Title: Study Session

A/N: I attempted to put a beginning and end on this one that is similar to what they do in the show. Let me know if it worked or not! Also, I am not sure how many of these I will be able to finish this year. I'm hoping to still get all 31 in, but real life has kinda smashed me with a hammer full of homework, midterms and stress. So I'm still optimistic, but more unsure about finishing before Halloween, they might get finished in November.


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Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Mr. Chainey's Opinion on the Harvest King
Theme: Werewolves
Characters: Mr. Chainey


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Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Little Monsters
Theme: Monsters
Character(s): Marshall


Little MonstersCollapse )Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Zombies in Movies
Theme: Zombies
Character(s): Simon, Marshall, Dash


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