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3 Themes

I wrote 3 themes last night, hopefully I'll get more done tonight!
The same disclaimer applies to all three- I don't own anything and never will!

Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Mr. Chainey's Opinion on the Harvest King
Theme: Werewolves
Characters: Mr. Chainey


           Traditions shouldn’t be messed with. There’s a reason they were made and there’s a reason that’s more to do with keeping the natural order of things than just because people are used to it that keeps a tradition going. Bad things happen when traditions are broken. But it’s not like there’s much difference between Harvest Kings and years anyway.


            Tradition was, the Harvest King was just someone selected from town. As long as they were male and over the age of 13, that is. But this year they decided to mess with everything and pick someone. Some kid that’d been running around. They wrote out a ticket for him and everything and placed it special so that they’d have it to pick up after the drawing. They were gonna call out the name they wrote, rather than the name they drew; meaning that the right Harvest King wouldn’t get his rightful recognition.


            I didn’t mind so much at the time. A Harvest King’s a Harvest King. A full moon is also a full moon and when that comes around I truthfully don’t care about much of anything. Not that I can remember many full moons. I seem to have a hard time remembering where I am at that time of the month.


            But this time, at the Harvest King time, I don’t think the Eerie Wolf came. I blame it on the broken tradition. That kid they chose wouldn’t stick with the tradition, wanting to eat candy, talk to his friend. There was also Radford and that gun. Near as I can tell they must’ve tried to shoot the animal, but missed.


            Tradition wasn’t the only thing that was broken. I think that bullet did my foot in too.

Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Little Monsters
Theme: Monsters
Character(s): Marshall


Marshall Teller’s first experience with weirdness happened before he could walk. There was something that would hide underneath his crib that would come out when the lights were turned off and his parents left him alone for the night.


            It would crawl out from under the bed and stare unblinkingly through the bars of the crib; not being old enough to do much of anything, Marshall fell back to the only thing he could do at such a time. He would cry.


            At his parents’ arrival the thing would vanish, back under the bed where no one thought to look, and Marshall would be taken to sleep with his parents. Safe for the night.


            Eventually, he came to be too old for his parents to tolerate his cries. His crib was changed to a “big boy bed” but the monster stayed. If anything, the change in beds only made the thing larger, more violent looking and there were no more bars that separated the boy from the monster. Marshall had to resort to other methods of ridding himself of the crawly creature.


            The stuffed t-rex seemed to offer some protection, not banishing the monster, but keeping it from climbing into the bed and using Marshall as a scratching post. The t-rex couldn’t guarantee anything, though. There was always the possibility that it would fall off the bed at night, leaving the boy unprotected. Marshall would sleep with his entire body under the covers, thinking that this offered him at least some protection, but he could still feel those protuberant eyes watching him.


            Later, when he was old enough, Marshall made the connection between the light and banishing the monster. He found an old flashlight that no one seemed to mind when it went missing.


            The night he found the flashlight was the last night Marshall ever saw the monster. His young hands could almost fit around the barrel if he tried wrapping his fingers around it. It was heavy too, almost too heavy for the small boy to wield, but he managed.


            When the monster came out, Marshall turned the light on. This too was only a temporary fix. Every night the monster would come back. It had moved now, from under the bed to the closet and seemed stronger than ever.


            Marshall needed a permanent solution to his problem and the solution started the boy down the path to his calling. A knight against all things eerie, one who would protect humanity against what would creep out of the unknown to cause harm.


            He was Marshall Teller, defender against the powers of weirdness.


Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: Zombies in Movies
Theme: Zombies
Character(s): Simon, Marshall, Dash


Marshall couldn’t help but notice that his best friend seemed to have something on his mind as they walked out of the movie theater. “Penny for your thoughts, man?”


Sucking his bottom lip between his teeth, Simon thought for a few more seconds before he sighed. “Well, I don’t know. Just that movie got me thinking. Do we have any contingency plans for zombies?”


The worry in Simon’s mind had more to do with Marshall’s willful ignorance of their policies and that a full blown zombie attack would require that they disregard what Simon thought was their most important policy. Flesh eating zombies meant that they would have to carry guns, or at least be around guns, which meant that they could get shot. Getting shot was definitely against Simon’s policies.


“I’m not sure, I mean. I’d guess we’d have to find someplace to hole up where we could be safe, with lots of supplies and weapons if we needed them,” Marshall shrugged. Zombies weren’t something he normally worried about so he hadn’t really given the idea much thought.


Simon sighed again. His hope was that Marshall would have a plan, Marshall always had a plan.


“We could always come up with a plan. I mean. We are the defenders against weirdness so maybe we should have one,” Marshall warmed to the idea. “In fact, we should do that when we get home, we should always be prepared for any instance of weirdness.”


“You mean more of a plan than going shopping?” Marshall and Simon both turned to see Dash walking behind them. “I mean, that was what you two did the last time zombies were in town. Of course, those zombies weren’t as inclined to dine on flesh.”


Snorting Marshall rolled his eyes at the gray haired teen. “Yeah, and what would you do if zombies came to town? Sell out their souls?”


Simon could tell that Marshall still felt a sting at being reminded of the time when they both fell victim to subliminal messages that forced them into a night of shopping for their souls. If it hadn’t been for Dash, he and Marshall would have been just two more of the shopping zombies let loose on the town, buying on credit that was loaned out against their souls.


“I’d take over the World-o-Stuff if possible, but I think I’m pretty secure where I’m at. I can see anything coming for miles, I’m outside of town so the hordes will have to come to me. Besides, I’ve got supplies at my place and don’t have much to travel with. I can leave at a moments notice.” Dash seemed confident in his so called plan, but to Simon it didn’t seem like much of a plan at all.


Of course, it was more than what he and Marshall had to go with. He listened to the other two boys argue about who would be better able to survive the zombie apocalypse and decided that this was a subject that they needed to research more thoroughly. This was something that they certainly needed a policy for.


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Oct. 18th, 2009 05:23 pm (UTC)
He was Marshall Teller, defender against the powers of weirdness.

This line is Mars to a T! Cute, as usual, and I love the imagery of little!Mars with the T-rex. :D
Oct. 18th, 2009 11:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it :D
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