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Ugh, I bought Moon (2009) directed by David Bowie's son (I'm sure he hates that that's what he's known for) Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. Really, Sam Rockwell is the only actor in the movie, unless you want to count Kevin Spacey's voice as he voices the robot. Anyway, I bought the movie, actually Big Little Bro bought it for me because my dog walkers money would not have paid for the whole thing >.<, and promptly watched it because Sam Rockwell is one of my favortie actors and now I too am one of the pissed that this movie wasn't even nominated for best picture and that Sam Rockwell wasn't considered for Best Actor. They weren't even put in as contenders because the dvd hadn't come out yet and Sony didn't want to pay to put a watermark on the clips that the Oscar's would use. This just re-affirms my belief that the Oscar's are a waste of time and are really based on how much the writers/directors/actors can whore themselves out which is sad.
This movie was pretty deep, philosophy wise, and they had some very good suspense tactics that modern horror needs to figure out how to use, because that is a genre that is lacking in that departement. Even though this isn't the first movie I've seen that explored the themes of humanity, blind faith, Big Business and (even though the director denies it) religious or anti-religious (good arguments have been made for both on the imdb boards, I was impressed. Mainly because it was an actual discussion that didn't result in "you're a stupid *uck and just didn't understand the movie if you thought that" like most everything does on those boards) themes as you see them.
This movie is pretty simple, and like I said it is not the first movie to explore these themes, but it almost makes you think that it is the first movie to try because of its well done simplicity. I think this goes far into saying how talented a director Duncan Jones is going to be, this is his first movie, because he was able to pull off simple so well which is something that those who say things say is the mark of a great artist.The film is shot beautifully, acted wonderfully and is something of an experience.
I can't say much about the plot because it would spoil, and if you are against spoilers don't look up anything about this movie until you've seen it. The most I can say plotwise is that it is about an astronaut who has been alone on the moon for 3 years mining He3 to support energy usage on Earth. That's all I can say about plot though. But I can say that if you are a fan of great movies that, while maybe a little depressing, are deep, make you think, and stick with you long after you've finished watching them. Then watch this movie. Who knew one actor could keep you occupied for over an hour and a half?
I have just finished watching this movie for the second time and can say I discovered new things about it as I am sure I will when I watch it again.


Mar. 23rd, 2010 02:18 am (UTC)
I don't mind if they choose a rarely heard of movie- that's not the problem at all. For me it's when they choose these big blockbusters such as Avatar for best movie (granted, I don't watch the Oscar's so I don't know who won, I just thought that Avatar was nominated) when other, lesser known movies, actually deserve it. The Oscars should have less to do with popular public opinion- but should actually be looking at the merit of the movie as an art. It's because of this that comedies are never nominated for best in anything except comedies, even though it takes more skill and talent to pull one of those off successfully than other types.
What also bothers me is that, these lesser known movies such as Moon who actually deserve to be nominated at least, are going to lose out on an audience because the Oscar's would be a platform to get them out to people.

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