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So, after work today Terrence and I finally got around to putting up some of the Halloween decorations. Better late than never I guess.
Is it just us or does Halloween seem... late? unnoticed?... this year? I mean, there has hardly been any scary movies on tv (we've seen everything Fearnet has to offer) and no one seems to be in the mood for it this year. It puts a damper on my Halloween loving nature I tell you!
We did manage to catch one great Halloweenish movie. It was called Highway to Hell and stared Chad Lowe and was made in the good old state of Utah (can't get a better place for scenic Hell, lemme tell ya) It was like watching the PeeWee movie only... evil.... it's really cheesy and there's lots of references to other things in it. It's also a retelling of the Euripidese myth and tells the tale of a man whose girlfriend is taken to Hell prematurely by the "Hell Cop" (which is a great terminator type guy) and the boyfriend has to go save her.
Unfortunately, this movie is not available on dvd D: 


Theme 5

Wow, am I going to have to get a move on with these or what? I'm only behind by 9 or so I guess :p

Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: G
Title: First Time
Theme: Trick or Treat
Characters: Dash, Marshall, Simon
I own nothing here!


First TimeCollapse )

Theme 4

Theme: Coffins
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Character: Simon
Rating: G
I own nothing here!



PoliciesCollapse )

Theme: Black Cats

Alrighty here's number 3. For the theme Black Cats. This one is a little longer and the rating will be about a T or so.

Fandom: Eerie, Indiana

Kids have been dissapearing from town, including Marshall's best friend and weirdness fighting partener, Simon.

I don't own anything

Candles and CatsCollapse )

Theme 2

Theme 2: Spiders
Once again, I don't own anything.



New RoommatesCollapse )


So- I know I said a while ago that I was going to be doing more HAlloween drabbles this year and I finally got around to starting them. Now that my MS Word spontaneously decided to start working again. I don't know, maybe it just needed a vacation or something. I know I do. It was a complete accident that I figured out it was working again too. I forgot that I was on my laptop and tried to open one of my syllabie (syllubuseseses?) which would open in MS Word and it worked -_-

Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Theme one: Tombstones

For the theme of Tombstones

What's in a Name?Collapse ) 
Edit: I might have completely spoken too soon about MS Word... well, it was a good three days while it lasted....


O.o What do you mean snow tomorrow weatherman? It was 85 today! 85!



I made a comment to Terrence about Nutter Butters... now I don't think I can ever eat one again without laughing XD
Also, I have applied to graduate!!! YAY!!! So close to be done!



Wow, talk about a long week and it's only Tuesday! Yesterday I had class and work from 8 AM to 8 PM and then I got home and had to run and pick up my house key from a friend, which meant that I didn't get home until 9:30 which in turn meant I had no food until about 10:00 pm. Then today I get sent home from the internship early because they don't have anything to do today and I walk through the door to find out that my dad is in the hospital due to "his leg bursting". They are doing tests but don't know what is wrong. He just went to the doctor yesterday and they didn't notice anything wrong.

There are times when life just has to bitch slap you for daring to get out of bed with a good attitude.


Ahoy there

Camping again this weekend ^_^ YAY. It's a good weekend, camping after SPN :P Hooray!


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